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The Last Symbol.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | September 25, 2009

Posted by Cliff Tuttle (c) 2009
With apologies to Dan Brown

Professor Robert Langdon, world famous Harvard symbologist, was summoned quite suddenly to Pittsburgh on the eve of the G-20, Summit. The list of protest sites announced in the media had been spooking County Executive Dan Onorato and particularly Mayor Ravenstahl — especially Petland at the Pittsburgh Village of East Side.

“What can this mean?”, the nervous Mayor anxiously implored the great symbologist.

As they pored over the list together, Langdon stated that the list was undoubtedly written in Code.

“Fine,” the impatient Onorato shot back, “what does it say?”

Patience,” replied Langdon.

After two hours on his lap top, Langdon announced that it was quantum code. As soon as you looked at it, it changed.

“Great,” said Ravenstahl. “Now we’ll never know.”

But Langdon continued to pore over the lists. At last he stated:”there will be a bridge, two bridges.”

“Oh, fine,” said Onorato. “That narrows it down.”

“I see something about dumpsters and broken glass, and oh, yuck!” Langdon stated.

“So what does it all signify?” asked the Mayor.

“I see sound and fury, signifying nothing,” replied Langdon.

After a long pause he added: “I see one more symbol in this code. A yellow towel with black writing. Something terrible!”


For a more conventional report on the G-20 doings on the outside:

Jurist, September 24, 2009.



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