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Posted By Cliff Tuttle | July 4, 2010

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Nobody could have known that the Great American Revolution and its Declaration would be the original in a world-wide cascade of events that are continuing even now. But Independence was never the end of the process, only the beginning.  In America and the world, over generations, independence has been continuously redefined, re-enacted, expanded and refined in subsequent generations. And that makes it not just the achievement of the Founding Fathers, but the achievement of all of us.

The  building blocks of this ongoing Revolution are the Rule of Law.  The cornerstone, the Declaration, announced our adherence to certain principles of Natural Law to a largely skeptical world.  And upon those sacred principles; inalienable rights, self evident rights, we Americans have constructed the entire edifice of American Government and Law, block on block.

The strength of this edifice has been tested at regular intervals, sometimes tested to the limit. And it still stands!

Three cheers for the founders!  Three cheers for the rest of us!



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