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Trump’s Soliloquy

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | August 25, 2015

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Image: chicagonow...

Image: chicagonow…

Watching Donald Trump on TV is like eating a bag of chips.  You know that its not good for you, but you can’t stop.

Tonight he made a speech in Iowa which was carried live in part on three news networks.  He rambled through long self-congratulatory stories. It was entertaining, even though baffling at times.It was a lot like the monologue that late night comedians deliver.  Except the monologues are shorter and always have a punch line.  Trump can be confusing. But the basic message can be summarized in a few simple thoughts.

– The Chinese, Japanese, South Koreans, Iranians, Russians and just about every foreign head of state regularly outsmart the the American President, Secretary of State and anybody working for them.

– American leaders never win because they are not smart as Trump and are way too nice to the opposition.

– The other Republican candidates, especially Bush and Rubio, are just as dumb and weak as the Democrats and cannot be trusted to make good deals with the Chinese, Japanese, etc.

– The solution to illegal immigration is simple.  Round ’em up, send them back and build a big wall to keep them from returning. Make Mexico pay for the wall.

– Stop giving citizenship to children of illegals born in America.  (This would take a Constitutional Amendment, of course)

– Abolish political correctness.

NEWS FLASH: Those smart Chinese have read “The Art of the Deal” backwards and forward. They have been beating the Americans for years doing all of the things they learned in the book.  As a matter of fact, they wrote the book — although their version was called “The Art of War,” So what are we supposed to do now?

OBSERVATION:  Most experts used to agree that it was impossible for the US and Mexico to go to war. If I were a smart Mexican President.  I’d surrender immediately and let President Trump annex the whole country.  The illegal immigration problem would be solved instantly.  They’d all be here!




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