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What is the Value of a Friend?

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | May 28, 2017

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According to FIOS, its One Hundred Dollars! But, of course, you presumably get to keep the friend, even after you facilitated the purchase of a package of time-wasting, mind numbing TV that he didn’t need. Selfish? Perhaps.

But its not like you sold your friend into bondage for a Benjamin.

“Thanks for breakfast,” my friend said. “You’re welcome, but I really wasn’t buying food,” I replied. “I am buying conversation.”

Friendship is not purchased on the open market, like bacon and eggs. But it does cost something. Fortunately, we pay for it on the installment plan, primarily with our time.  It is impossible to gain a friendship without investing time.  That’s lucky, because its a currency we all happen to have on hand.

Many of our best and strongest friendships happened by chance.  In school, in the military service, in the neighborhood.  I heard the story (possibly apocryphal) about two men who met when they had an automobile accident with each other and ended up as business partners.  According to the story, they both had the bad habit of reading the newspaper while driving.  This was long before the advent of texting.

A few of my friends have become clients.  But many more of my clients, people who were strangers when I took their case, have become good friends.  Its the most natural thing in the world and I am sure all other lawyers have had the same experience. After all, you’ve been through a lot together.

I read that personal relationships, friendships, are one of the keys to happiness and even longevity.  Not surprising, is it?

But what about making money through friendship?  Well, consider what my boss of many years ago, L. Robert Kimball, a pioneer in marketing of professional services once told me.  “First  they must be your friend.”

What’s the value of a friend?  Everything.





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