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Whining with the Best.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | October 2, 2009

Posted by Cliff Tuttle (c) 2009

SUMMARY: The “Above the Law” column, “Notes From the Breadline” is running out of material. It is time for Breadline Lady to quit trying to get a job and go get a client.

“Above the Law”, puzzlingly the most read legal blog in America, reports endlessly on large law firm layoffs. There have been times when this topic has been 90% of the daily output of this tablog. (Tabloid blog. Yes, I just coined the word.)

So, it is not surprising that ATL also carries a stupid periodic column about being a laid-off lawyer called “Notes From the Breadline.”

This is not to speak disrespectfully of my brothers and sisters in the law who are suffering in the aftermath of a layoff. And I understand that some of us prefer to work for others. But there comes a time . . .

That time seems to have come for Roxanna St Thomas, the Breadline Lady. The latest installment speaks of waiting and waiting and waiting. Excuse me, but you are a lawyer. You can sell what you do directly to the consumer.

Or, here’s a thought, work for law firms on an a-la-carte basis. You don’t need fancy digs — home offices save clients money, you know. You already have a computer and a large network. Instead of sending out tweets saying “woe is me”, offer a blue light special on whatever it is you know how to do. After all, you are pretty well known, thanks to ATL.

If you need further encouragement, read Carolyn Elefant’s “My Shingle”.

We feel your pain, Breadline Lady. We’ve been there.



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