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Why Do People Take the Weather So Personally?

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | April 17, 2018

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Does this look familiar? Of course it does. It happens almost every year.

If you just stand around in a group or strike up a conversation, chances are good that the weather will be the first topic of conversation.

Why?  Is snowfall in the middle of April so incredible?  And why do so many people seem to think that the weather has anything to do with them personally? “My luck!” he or she will say, to one or more people who nod in agreement. But of course, there is no luck involved.

Yes, if pressed, they will admit that the causes of  weather are not magical and that winter stays around too long fairly often.  But many of us talk like winter is a personal curse that should have been lifted if justice be done. Say it enough and you will believe it.

Harmless affectations?  Not really. Permitting ourselves to repeatedly entertain such thinking oppresses the mind.  We adopt a loser mentality. Complaining also wastes time and distracts us from doing something worthwhile.

The truth is, we have done something about it. We are fortunate to live in an age when we can hide indoors most of the time in a climate just like we think Springtime ought to be. If we want, we can flee to another zone we prefer — temporarily or for the duration.

Our ancestors, who were exposed to the brutality of the elements with very little escape, had the right to feel like a victim.  But I’ll bet they didn’t grouse about it nearly as much as we do. They had work to do and so do we.




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