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Why Do You Care? Or, Putting It More Bluntly, Why Aren’t You Minding Your Business?

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | August 15, 2009

Posted by Cliff Tuttle (c) 2009

So, Michael Vick was back on the labor market this past week and, sure enough, somebody hired him. Then, talk show hosts and their callers spent the next day or so discussing whether Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles should have been permitted to strike a deal.

Of course, everybody knows that if he hadn’t been a premium NFL quarterback, he would have probably been unable to get a job taking tickets at the gate or selling popcorn in the stands. Does that actually mean something?

An employer can, generally speaking, hire whomever he wants, except for jobs requiring a government license. There are risks hiring people with a record of serious crime. It may not be worth the risk when there are plenty of others willing and able to take tickets or sell popcorn. But there are not plenty of other Michael Vicks.

And he couldn’t get a job as a teacher, either. But that involves close personal contact with students — something the state prohibits by regulation and school boards prevent by policy. Fortunately for us, we and our families don’t have to interact with him at all. Behind the television screen (the only I’ll ever see him, if I do) he can do you or me no harm.



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