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Why Does Anyone Like Donald J. Trump?

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | August 10, 2015

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Image: obamaconspiracy.org

Image: obamaconspiracy.org

Everybody knows at least one person just like that big blow-hard Donald J. Trump.  Self-absorbed.  Insults people.  Behaves in a flamboyant and unguarded manner. But nobody likes such a person.  And when he is someone with power over you, life can be nearly intolerable.

So why does anyone like Donald J. Trump?

Good question.  Some have tried to answer it by suggesting that his followers think just like him.  Maybe, but I have another idea.

I have known a few lawyers who share Trump-like qualities.  They often tyrannized over their secretaries and subordinates.  They can be bombastic at the drop of a hat.  They make enemies with ease. Yet, strangely, clients frequently thought that they were fantastic lawyers.

These clients equated the bull-in-china-shop style with being a rough and tumble, two-fisted  winner.  They often expressed the belief that  best lawyers are bulldogs who chomp down on an opponent’s leg and never let go. In other words, you can get your way (or your client’s way) by being a bigger bully than the next guy. Lawyers  have word for that kind of character — Rambo.  And that denomination is not, I assure you, an expression of admiration.

The biggest problem with Ramboism is that judges don’t abide bullies acting up in their courtrooms. And they usually know exactly how to tame the savage beast.  You can’t bully the judge.  You have to persuade him.

We have a lawyer marketing program around here called Gorilla Lawyer. Their logo is a big, mean (and dumb looking) gorilla wearing a shirt and tie.  This caricature didn’t look like a lawyer to me.  It looked like a gangster.

Some people want to hire a trump-like lawyer to bully their opponent.  I suppose the same people want a Trump-like President, to bully the Mexican Government or who knows who else?.  At least for now.  Some of them will get tired of the novelty.  Some will eventually figure it out.  And some will become the target of the next wave of insults.



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