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“Yes I Believe in the First Amendment, but . . .”

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | August 18, 2010

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Its very interesting to listen to the thinking processes of talk show hosts and callers as they discuss the reasons why, in their view, the proposed “Cordoba Mosque” should not be permitted to be built in the same neighborhood as Ground Zero.  The gist is that jihadist terrorists are laughing at us or having one over on us.  “Yes, I believe in the First Amendment, but …”, they begin.

Its nice to know that nobody is launching a movement to repeal the First Amendment, but it seems to be the case that a large number of Americans want to carve out an exception under THIS circumstance.

Okay, so tell me exactly how you intend to describe this exception to the First Amendment.  Explain why it would be acceptable to build a United Methodist Church or a Christian Science Reading Room there, but not a mosque.

Like most American cities, New York has a zoning ordinance and regulations that existed on the day the application was filed.  If the opponents of the Cordoba Mosque can find something in the existing ordinance and regulations that will prevent the mosque from being constructed, then maybe they might prevail.  But don’t bet on it.


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