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ZONING: Can a zoned single family residence be rented for short-term occupancy?

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | December 23, 2017

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The Township Zoning Officer issued an enforcement notice charging Slice of Life, LLC with violation of an ordinance creating a single family residential district where the property [Property] was located by “[u]se of [the Property] as Hotel and/or other types of transient lodging, Rental of Single Family Residential Dwelling for transient tenancies.”

The Zoning Hearing Board upheld the citation and the trial court affirmed, stating that the Board had not abused its description in holding that the use of the Property.

Upon review, the Commonwealth Court reversed.

Appellants point out that the ordinance does not define the terms “transient lodging” or “transient tenancies.” The single family house in question did not meet the definition of a hotel, which involved multiple units, not a single-family dwelling, as here. However the Court stated that it is not permissible to pursue the perceived spirit of a law while ignoring the letter.  A review of case law supports the conclusion that a short-term lease of a single family residence is permissible under this ordinance, since it did not contain any specific provision addressing the length of the tenancy.



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