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Ahmed’s Clock

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | September 18, 2015

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ClockBy now, if you watch the news, you’ve probably heard about how a geeky junior high school kid named Ahmed Mohammed brought a clock he had built to school to show his teacher.  All was well until the clock beeped in the back of the room and various other teachers, so we are told, suggested it might be a bomb.

Ahmed was cuffed and arrested, but never charged.  When his school suspension will be lifted, soon, he intends not to go back, but to find another school.

Naturally, Ahmed became an overnight hero on the internet, much to the embarrassment of the school administration. He has been invited to the White House, to visit Mr. Zuckerberg and to intern at Twitter.  He says he wants to go to MIT.  After such favorable publicity, he probably will.

I don’t know anything about clocks or bombs, but based on James Bond movies, the device pictured above looks like it might just be a bomb.  So I don’t blame the school for being concerned and even taking precautions, like evacuating the building until the clock could be examined by the bomb squad.  But perhaps they went a little too far by handcuffing Ahmed.

We occasionally hear about a much younger child bringing a gun or knife to school, perhaps under innocent circumstances.  The only solution to this problem is to establish a protocol and to conduct classes for both parents and teachers.It doesn’t have to be an expensive process.  It would be an easy task to produce a tutorial on the subject.  Perhaps Ahmed could star in the tutorial.



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