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The Super Bowl Effect.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | January 30, 2011

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Judge Jeffrey Manning ordered jury selection in the Orie trial delayed from February 7 to February 8 because the Steelers play in the Super Bowl the night before. The Judge’s stated reason was that there might be celebrations occurring that day. The unstated reason, of course, is that there might be celebrations occurring the night before and it is hard enough to get up on a cold February Monday when you haven’t been drinking and raising hell the night before. That applies to judges and court personnel as well as jurors.

But now that he’s brought up the subject, what effect will the Super Bowl have on this and other trials?  Bear in mind that (shudder!) the Steelers could lose.  Will the euphoria of a win or the black funk of a loss carry over to the outcome of trials?  If so, who benefits?  Would a Steeler victory put jurors in a kindly frame of mind?  Or would the frustration of a loss cause them to punish whoever is unlucky enough to get in their way?

If there is a victory celebration, it will happen on Tuesday or Wednesday.  The parade will pass the court house. Jurors will have a hard time getting to and from the courthouse.  At lunch time, the restaurants will be overcrowded.  There will be bullhorns and amplification systems.  What kind of distraction will this be?  Will courts adjourn while all this commotion is going on? Should they?



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